Our Mission

To support your journey in the becoming of the best version of you. 

Here at Zen Life our mission is to create friendly living environments designed to complement the unique recovery process of each guest. Zen Life prides itself on the structured low-stress, 12-step oriented and self-esteem boosting home atmosphere supporting a successful transition into a clean and sober lifestyle. We have found that restoring your self-respect, self-esteem and holding yourself accountable through this journey is contingent on the time you commit to positively advancing your life. Our living spaces are designed for the individual that wants to achieve work-life balance and health in a harmonious transition. Supporting our community is one of our most valued principles, which is why Zen Life provides the support to sustain an independent transition to a stable schedule and work-life balance. As part of our continued rehabilitation effort, Zen Life offers resume and employment guidance to help equip our guests with the tools needed to succeed and reach their destiny. 

A Few of Our Principles

Community Support

Engagement in an Active Life

Personal Autonomy & Social Identity

Meaning & Purpose / Health & Appreciation

Positive Sense of Self